MBZ cilajet reflection

When you meet someone who’s passionate about his or her vehicle you can see their passion reflected in the care of their vehicles exterior, interior and everything in between. It’s is not just a car to get them from point A to point B, it’s their ‘baby’! Why do celebrities, car collectors and car enthusiasts from all over the world choose Cilajet and Cilajet Care Products to maintain the beauty of their luxury cars?


Cilajet Aviation Grade meets Boeing standards to protect the exterior of aircrafts from rust, debris and hazardous elements in the sky. If Cilajet is strong enough to protect jumbo planes in the sky, think of it as the strongest armor you can put on your vehicle.

Cilajet is made from a proprietary polymer and acrylic formula.  It’s much more advanced than just a polish or wax.  When properly applied to a painted or metal surface, Cilajet’s unique formula bonds to the paint at the micron level to resist corrosion and damage.

Whether you’re taking your Aston Martin for a cruise down Rodeo Drive of your G-wagon to Tahoe for a long weekend, you can rest assured that Cilajet’s superior quality formula will leave your paint unscathed. 


If you’ve chosen a high-end leather package to dress up the interior of your luxury vehicle, you want to keep the inside of your car as clean and protected as possible. Cilajet FAB and Cilajet HIDE for your interior offer protection from spills, stains and dirt.

Imagine spilling a freshly brewed cup of coffee in your brand new vehicle! Yikes! On cilajet FAB treated surfaces that coffee will turn into microbeads sitting above the fabric’s surface making it easy to wipe away with no stain left behind. Cilajet HIDE is a King Ranch grade leather protectant, which will protect against cracking, fading, and drying from the sun!

Our interior products provide peace of mind, especially for those with children or pets along for the ride. Cilajet even protects your car mats and vinyl from daily wear and tear.

Daily Care & Maintenance

Cilajet is applied by certified technicians at authorized dealerships. Whether you’ve applied Cilajet or not, you can use our line of Cilajet Car Care products. Our specialized shampoos, wax and quick shine sprays far surpass store bought products in quality and protection. Keep the Care Product travel kit in your trunk for quick cleaning of bird droppings, bugs, water spots and every day street grime when you’re on the go.

Cilajet products are for people who love their cars and want to prolong the beauty of their vehicles. Our products have been used to protect airplanes, helicopters, trucks, SUVs, sports cars and classic cars.

We’ve gotten used to hearing the same reaction from owners after Cilajet is applied. It’s always a ‘WOW, my car looks AMAZING’!

To find an authorized Cilajet dealer near you CLICK HERE or purchase any of our Cilajet Car Care products at shop.cilajet.com.