Ferrari GTO after CilajetImagine this. You’re riding down the Interstate and a car speeds past you. First thing you notice is the shiny exterior. That smooth, glossy finish stays in your mind as you watch that car speed down the highway. Cilajet is a world-class paint sealant for cars; and cars treated with Cilajet turn heads on the highway because they sparkle and shine with a mirror like finish!

Cilajet paint sealant can only be applied at authorized dealerships; and with the addition of our Cilajet Care product line, you can keep your vehicle clean, shiny, and easily maintained against environmental hazards with our wax, shampoo and quick-shine products.

Cilajet Care products work great on cars with or without a Cilajet sealant application. Here’s why:

  • Protects Your Car from All Elements. Weather is unpredictable and inconsistent. Cilajet Care products provide consistent protection for those days when Mother Nature seems to be upset. The Cilajet Care product line repels contaminants such as dirt, grease, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, mineral deposits, and industrial fallout. The complete lines of products are ideal for maintaining both new and pre-owned vehicles.
  • No more expensive car washes. According to industry statistics, thirty-eight (38) gallons of water are used per individual car wash. That’s a lot of water we could be saving! Whether or not you’ve had Cilajet applied to your vehicle, it’s a good idea to use the Cilajet Care products to uphold a beautiful shine and to say goodbye to weekly visits to the car wash! Our shampoo is great for removing dirt, debris and water spots. Cilajet’s Quick Shine is a unique, long-lasting formula that is easy to apply; and you will see immediate results. Finish it off with the Cilajet Care Gel-Wax, the best car wax you could put on your prized possession!
  • Achieve a Top Notch Mirror-Shine. Remember that shiny car that zoomed by and caught your attention? By applying Cilajet sealant at your local dealership and maintaining your investment with our specially formulated Cilajet Care products, you too can have that memorable shine! The combination of a professionally applied Cilajet treatment and weekly maintenance with our Care product line will protect your car against every kind of environmental hazard including sun oxidation, paint fading, rust, salt, ice and more! Cilajet paint sealant can also be professionally applied to steel, chrome, aluminum or alloy rims to help eliminate brake dust buildup; and the combination of the sealant and the Care products is unbeatable.

Cilajet Car Care Products Even if you haven’t had Cilajet Aviation Grade auto paint sealant applied to your car, you can still achieve an incredible shine, protect your car from the elements and reduce the need for frequent car washes with our Cilajet Care Product line. Buy each product individually or save and purchase our travel kit.

Check out our website at to give our products a try; and see real results on the first application.