My Lexus looks spectacular!  I have never seen such a beautiful high-end mirror-gloss finish!  In my design work, we wish we could find a cabinet finisher that could deliver something that looks like this. We have a long-time client from London that is requiring such a finish on his cabinetry work for the French Chateau that we are presently building for him in San Francisco.  His very words, ‘a mirror finish, no exception’, which we find due to environmental restrictions is not easy to accomplish.

Shortly after Cilajet Aviation Grade was applied to my 2004 classic Lexus, I decided to drive to my auto mechanic and show off the superlative finish on my car.  He and his staff could not believe their eyes!  Exclaiming that for the years that they have been in the automotive business, they have not seen such a finish.  Already, they are inquiring as to my resource!  I cannot wait to show my car to friends and clients alike.  We know a number of people who are very image conscious regarding their automobiles who will be very interested in have Cilajet applied to their cars!

I will definitely show the car off to our Beverly Hills client, the Bijan Boutique, where they like to park their collection of notable cars, including Rolls Royce and Bugatti models displayed in front of the Bijan Boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I will be happy to convey the goodness of this product to others!

Cilajet Reviews: May 2nd, 2017

World Class Designer Praises World Class Cilajet Products!

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