aston martin with Cilajet

Cilajet is ‘The World Class Leader’ in Automotive Paint Protection

Hands down everyone agrees that there is nothing brighter than a car sporting that Cilajet shine!  Wouldn’t you agree that the appearance of your car is important? Keeping your car in showroom condition just makes you feel good about driving it! Cilajet is composed of an acrylic based Top Tier proprietary formula (Made in the USA) that molecularly bonds to the paint and protects your car from environmental contaminates. It also creates an unsurpassed mirror like shine. It’s like having a full time detail!

Cilajet is a TRUE Aviation Grade Product

Cilajet’s formula conforms to three aviation specifications. Cilajet is Boeing, Airbus and AMS approved. That’s pretty impressive! If Cilajet can protect a 747 against environmental contaminants, just imagine what it can do for your car. Cilajet’s exterior product will protect your paint from dirt, grease, sun oxidation, loss of gloss, fading, acid rain, bird droppings, water spots, tree sap, mineral deposits, and industrial fall out. It also protects your car against corrosion, rust and salt. Our interior products protect carpets and cloth seats against permanent staining from food, drinks, make up, topical oils, lotions and more.  It also protects your leather seats from drying, cracking, fading and discoloration. Cilajet has been proven, tried and tested to be a best in class product!

Cilajet Helps Save the Planet

Cilajet is a green product that is environmentally safe. Cilajet passes prop 65, which means there is absolutely nothing harmful or toxic to you, your children, animals or the environment. In fact, Cilajet interior products are hypoallergenic and have gone through rigorous toxicological testing. You’ll notice that your car will stay clean longer, which reduces the frequency of car washes and saves a lot of water.

Cilajet Helps You Get More Bang for Your Buck

That’s right! Cars that are protected with Cilajet usually have a higher resale or trade in value.

The appearance of your car makes a significant difference when you go to sell or trade in your vehicle. When referring to Kelly Blue Book values, a car protected with Cilajet looks nicer and can make the difference between your car being rated fair to good or good to excellent, which can mean hundreds of dollars in your pocket. Enjoy the benefits of Cilajet while you own the car; increase the value of it when you are ready to sell it.

Cilajet Has Faces

Cilajet believes in ‘Elite Customer Service’. We have a highly qualified team that is dedicated to making sure your experience with Cilajet is a pleasurable one. When you call our office, you will always be greeted with a cheerful voice and a staff member ready to help you in any way possible. We go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are met in a timely fashion. You will never have to deal with a frustrating phone system. Cilajet is simply the Best!