What are the top 10 ways to ruin the paint finish on your car?  According to, here are their TOP TEN:

*1.     Trees!  Tree sap and bird droppings are Number One!

2.        Road Repairs throwing up rocks and pebbles (we suggest you drive around them… 🙂

*3.     Rain and snow which causes rust!

*4.     Salt!

*5.     Household items like mustard and Silly String (haha) … permanent staining?

*6.     Dirt!

*7.     Soot or industrial fallout!

8.       Gasoline (we suggest not pouring it on your paint)…

9.       Coffee (we suggest you don’t leave your coffee cup on the roof when you drive off)…

*10.   Mineral deposits from sprinklers!

*How great is it that cilajet warranties your car against damage from 7 of the top 10!  We insure that your car will be protected or repaired.  Cilajet’s unique formula adds a nano-technology formulated sealant to protect your automobile from most of the environmental conditions you face every day.   And, most importantly, cilajet is environmentally friendly!