This the second vehicle using Cilajet to protect the exterior. I had a 2006 Toyota Avalon and I just blown away
how great my car looked, especially at night in a parking lot with the lights on–I felt so great to look at this
amazing shine. Then after Toyota Motor, Inc.; made an offer to buy my car; the offer was too good to turn down.
Then just this November 2015, I traded-in my Toyota Truck and bought another Avalon, a 2016. I got the
Cilajet at Culver City Mazda, The Service Manager, Bene, was fantastic in customer service and again I have
the beautiful, Blizzard Pearl White to gaze at and admire. The enhanced look thanks to Cilajet. I informed the
Toyota people there is no need to contact me because I am Not going to sell this car. I am so grateful there is
a product on the market to protect the beauty of my car like Cilajet. Thank you so very much.

Robert Cook