micron level auto paint sealant

We’re curious about what goes on under the surface of a cilajet application, so we asked the cilajet team to explain (to a 10 year old!) the chemical phenomenon that occurs beneath that shiny cilajet mirror like finish.

What is Cilajet?

Cilajet is an anti-corrosive micro-thin paint sealant that bonds to painted and metal surfaces at the micron level. Cilajet is comprised of a two part proprietary epoxy, polymer and acrylic formula. Acrylate polymers belong to a group of polymers that are generally referred to as plastics. Epoxies are a synthetic material (resin) that work like glue and form a plastic/PVC-like surface.


What is a Micron?

A micron is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter. 40 µm (µm is the symbol for micron) is visible to the naked eye. For example, there are 25,4000 microns in one inch. A grain of beach sand is from 100 to 2000 µm. A mold spore is 10 to 30 µm. Tobacco smoke is from 0.01 to 1 µm. A human hair is said to be about 50 micrometers wide. You get the idea.


What Happens when Cilajet’s Proprietary Formula meets Paint/Metal Surfaces?

When cilajet is applied to the paint surface of your vehicle, it produces a chemical ionic or electron exchange, also known as covalent bonding. A covalent bond is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms. These electron pairs are known as shared pairs or bonding pairs and the stable balance of attractive and repulsive forces between atoms when they share electrons is known as covalent bonding. Cilajet paint sealant bonds at the micron (molecular) level due to penetration into the open molecular structure of the paint and the resulting catalytic reaction known as covalent bonding.


Now you know!  To achieve that beautiful mirror-like finish, cilajet’s unique formula gets busy underneath the surface ~ sharing and exchanging electrons with the molecular structure of your cars paint to create that beautiful mirror like finish that protects your car from all environmental hazards AND turns heads on the road!