“Just bought a used 2013 black Nissan Maxima and had Cilajet applied inside and out. The exterior paint looks better than brand new!. Had the opportunity to take a short summer road trip and when we got home I hand washed the car. The dead bugs washed off with my home sprayer – no scrubbing. It was so easy to get it back to the shine it had when I drove it off the lot. And yesterday I had to drive down a road next to some road construction – dust covered the car. I have a dust brush I use with my custom black show car and the dust just flew off the surface. Also, I order the Cilajet car care kit and when it arrived the Gel-Wax jar had leaked and I emailed the company and they are sending me a new jar and some extra microfiber clothes. Now, that is customer service. I hope to get many years of service out of the car and finish. Thanks Cilajet!”