Cilajet Review - The purchase of Cilajet and Care products is VALUE ADDED to my car!

“I was first made aware of Cilajet Aviation Grade when I purchased my new car. I wasn’t sure about the product at the time, however, this has been great purchase! During one of our snow storms, the snow just slid off the roof, hood and the trunk lid of my car while it piled up on the cars next to me.  It took me less time clean my car than my neighbors.

Also, I was told that brake dust build-up can be cleaned with little effort. And, sure enough, brake dust rinses off with a garden hose, and the rims look like new. I purchased the Auto Care Products to protect and maintain the Cilajet on the car, and it has been working wonderfully. The Care Kit package offers a Quick Shine detail spray to provide a way to spot clean the car without having to wash the entire car. It maintains a great look and finish. To me, the purchase of Cilajet and Care products is value added to my car!”

-Rob C.
Cilajet review: April 13th, 2017