Cilajet Team Spotlight: Jessica Mutschler, Accounting / Administrative at Cilajet. 

Jessica is a jack-of-all-trades for Cilajet! Her role involves accounting, administration, orders, purchasing and invoicing, but she does so much more!Why does Jessica love working at Cilajet? “I love getting up in the morning and coming to work; I’ve never felt that way about a job. My coworkers are like family and I love our team. Jaci’s story of how she got Cilajet started is amazing; and she’s the reason I want to do better and grow in this company. I feel appreciated every day.”

Jessica knows Cilajet stands out from the crowd. “The product is far superior than others out there. Our employees are fantastic and go above and beyond to help customers and dealerships!”Fun fact about Jessica: She grew up in California but is southern at heart. She loves going off-roading, camping and taking road trips to explore new places. Jessica is happiest when we she gets a lot of contracts, has a great day at work and then goes home to her wonderful husband and her boxer dog named Holley.