Hannah Bubis and Amanda Blough are the social media mavens behind Cilajet. 

Our job is to integrate the Cilajet brand into the social world by curating and creating interesting and relevant information and content that creates a rich and engaging experience for our dealerships, customers and auto enthusiasts.

We enjoy working with Cilajet because: 

Cilajet and the Cizzler team stand for product excellence, ‘raving fan’ customer service and having fun! Cizzlers go the extra mile to ensure dealership and customer satisfaction; and I love working with people who love their jobs.

The products themselves are amazing, but the team is incredible and they go above and beyond for their customers. The enthusiasm for their products and customer service is contagious!

What we like most about managing Cilajet’s social media:

Getting to hear and share all the ‘WOW, my car looks AMAZING!!’ reactions when customers first see their car with Cilajet applied; and giving car enthusiasts great content and information they enjoy.

It’s a huge bonus that Cilajet works with some really cool clients, like Redbull Helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron and Jay Leno. It makes for some killer content! There’s always something new and exciting happening at Cilajet, which makes our job easy!

IMG_5723Prior to starting Cre8MediaHub in 2010, Hannah Bubis spent over ten years working with leading Digital Media/Marketing Agencies in NYC and Los Angeles. Hannah’s expertise spans the complete spectrum of digital media/marketing/advertising and Hannah continues to collaborate with leading brands to develop engaging and profitable digital campaigns.


Amanda-Blough picAmanda Blough has been focused on social media marketing for over six years; and she’s headed up several social media departments at advertising agencies. Amanda is an expert in social media management, campaign strategy, social pay-per-click, email marketing and branding. Amanda enjoys being a part of Cre8MediaHub, especially working with such a knowledgable expert like Hannah.