“From Top to Bottom… when you want to show something quality for your investment, don’t short change yourself. Cilajet Aviation Grade is worth the investment in making sure your car is ‘showroom’ quality even years later! Seeing my Pearl White 2016 Nissan 370Z look ‘better than new’ gives me the confidence I made the right decision. In fact, I am KNOCKED OUT! The appearance is impressive! Our Technician, Jean, did a great job. A real perfectionist right down to the wheels! He gave me tips on taking care of my car and that I will reduce the frequency of washing. I will also save money on detailing because waxing won’t be necessary to keep the car’s shine. I bought the car for my wife’s birthday, and when we go out tonight and I pick her up in her new car, she is going to LOVE it! I made sure to purchase Cilajet’s Care Kit so she has everything she needs!”
–Mitchell Martinez, new cilajet enthusiast