Check out this incredible cilajet testimonial from Jeff, one of our cilajet enthusiasts in Beverly Hills, CA! He chooses cilajet Aviation Grade to protect on his NINE beautiful High Line vehicles! Cilajet is the appearance protection program of choice for many high line automotive enthusiasts. Our customers include dealers who specialize in Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Aston Martin and More! Cilajet is the only choice for the car enthusiast who wants their car to ALWAYS look amazing.

Jeff used to have his collection of vehicles washed at least TWICE a week to keep them looking beautiful, and now with cilajet car sealant he washes them much less frequently! Did you know that an average of 38 gallons of water are used PER an individual car wash? Cilajet auto paint sealant reduces valuable water usage and saves money spent on frequent detailing and washing. His detailers have even expressed how much EASIER it is to clean his fleet of gorgeous automobile!

Cilajet was developed exclusively for the aviation industry for the purpose of slowing down the corrosion process on paint.  It is unlike any other “car paint sealants” product in the automotive market.

Cilajet is only available through authorized dealerships.

All of our dealerships have been professionally trained on the correct application of cilajet. We are very proud of our company and products!