Cilajet Review - What happened next was unbelievable...

“I purchased a 2017 Chevy Silverado from a local Dealer and opted to have the Cilajet Aviation Grade interior and exterior protection applied. The application of the product was less than satisfactory. I contacted Cilajet about my displeasure, and found out that the Dealership employees actually do the application. The Client Relations representative at Cilajet offered to have Cilajet’s Master Aviation Technicians reapply the Cilajet. It gets even better…. Cilajet representatives responded right away to my concerns returning to the Dealership and re-trained the employees the week before my appointment to have Cilajet reapplied.   What happened next was unbelievable… my new camper shell had been installed the day before my Cilajet reapplication appointment.  The Cilajet Technician told me he was going to apply Cilajet to my new camper shell at no additional cost. He said that was the only way to make the camper shell match the truck, and he wanted the shell to be as radiant as the truck!

Just a thought… maybe Cilajet should start holding Customer Service Seminars for other businesses!!!”

-Mike W.
Cilajet review: April 18th 2017