Cilajet Aviation Grade sealant is nothing short of amazing! In August of 2016 my wife and I purchased a 29 ft Arctic Fox RV, the dealer caught me at “weak” moment as I usually do not purchase added on products or services. I am a retired Automotive repair shop owner and have been in the Automotive industry since 1978. I have to tell you that Cilajet is the best paint sealing product I have ever seen. The trailer set out in the elements all winter after a blazing hot summer. When we started to clean it up for use we found the dreaded black streaks on the side of the trailer. The trailer has fiber glass siding with gel coat paint and laminated decals. I was disheartened to see the streaks, but to my amazement they washed right off with mild car wash. The water repellent and beading was impressive and the retained shine is spectacular. Quite simply having Cilajet applied to the RV was the best investment I ever made as far as care and protection for any surface. Two words come to mind if anybody ever asks you if you want Cilajet applied, the two words…. DO IT. Oh yeah, one other note, the product support and knowledge of the staff will blow you away, great.

–Tim M.
Cilajet review: March 21st, 2017

Cilajet Review 2017: Cilajet is the best paint sealing product