I cannot believe the BEAUTIFUL shine that my car has after having the Cilajet application done. My 2013 Sentra looks better than when I purchased it from the dealership! When I park my car in big parking lots or garages full of cars, I ALWAYS know which silver car is mine-the Cilajet shine is unmistakable and makes my vehicle stand out in a crowd! When I drive down the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California and see the reflections of palm trees and sunsets in that mirror shine, I know my vehicle is looking the best it can. The fact that this gorgeous exterior and interior is effortless to keep up is an added bonus! I love that I don’t have to wash my car as often, and when I do, the process is so easy! I recommend Cilajet Aviation Grade to anyone who wants to protect their vehicle and maintain its beauty without all the hassle of constant waxing and detailing. Cilajet is TOP NOTCH!

-Nicole J.
Cilajet Testimonial: June 8th, 2017


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