Nearly every state west of the Rockies is facing a severe water drought.

California, in particular, is in its 4th year of a severe water shortage, showing no signs of relief on the near horizon.  This situation has motivated California state officials to mandate that all cities cut water usage by 36%!

As consumers, one of the easiest ways to contribute to the water conversation effort is to reduce the number of times we go to the car wash.  But no one wants to drive around in a dirty car.  Cilajet is a great alternative and environmentally friendly solution!  You can cut your number of car washes by one-fourth (once a month instead of once a week), and still drive around in a shiny car … simply by dusting it off with a microfiber cloth.

So, let’s do the match.  How much water is used when we go to the car wash; and how much water can we save by simply applying Cilajet to our cars?

According to industry statistics, thirty-eight (38) gallons of water are used per individual car wash! It’s also worth noting that the price of water in thirty major U.S. cities has gone up faster than the cost of nearly every other household staple, according to industry experts.

With the availability of water rapidly decreasing and the cost of water steadily increasing, every chance to conserve water makes an impact!

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers. If you reduce the number of car washes per year by only twelve (12), that’s 456 gallons of water that can be saved simply by applying Cilajet to your car. And since Cilajet is a permanent and long lasting paint sealant, the water that can be conserved over a ten-year period is over 4,500 gallons!

Cilajet is an awesome solution to keeping your car looking clean and shiny, reducing water usage and chemical runoff, and helping protect our most valuable resource – our environment!

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