Cilajet Reviews by Ken B.  - Cilajet is the REAL DEAL!

“I am an engineer by trade so I am always skeptical of any claims stated on products. However, Cilajet is the real deal and best paint and finish protection available.

Living in Central Florida makes it extremely difficult to keep any vehicle in a clean and showroom condition. Torrential summer rain and wind blown debris is fairly common during our tropical summers. This coupled with very powerful sun’s rays make keeping ones vehicle clean an extremely difficult challenge. That is unless you have Cilajet.

This is by far the first foolproof protection product that I have ever had applied to any of my past classic or performance cars that truly works.

No matter the degree of weather or road conditions, it’s simply a rinse-off with water that restores the look to showroom condition. I have become a true believer in a technically advanced product. The end of waxing has arrived.”

–Ken B.  Cilajet ENTHUSIAST
Cilajet Review: August 15th, 2016

Cilajet Reviews by Ken B.  - Cilajet is the REAL DEAL!