10. Swedish supercar company Koeigsegg announces it will be ready to sell the infamous Agera and Regara cars in three cities around the United States in 2016.

9. Tesla Motors broke new ground by downloading ‘autopilot’ features to its newer models (just as software updates are downloaded to smartphones and tablets). Autopilot drives the car itself, but Tesla warns drivers not to relinquish control entirely. Auto manufacturers are battling for the new Era of high-tech autonomy and gadgets for 2015 and beyond.

8. Audi’s and Volkswagen Diesel ‘emission’ scandal.

7. Porsche announced its Mission E electric super sedan will go into production after a stunning debut in the 2015 Frankfurt auto show.

6. Hyundai Tucson Fuel cell sets land speed record by cracking 94mph. The hydrogen-fueled power train works by combining hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell containing catalyzing materials. The resulting chemical reaction produces water, heat, and a small amount of electricity.

5. Bugatti confirmed that the Veyron successor will be called a Chiron and makes its debut in the 2016 Geneva Motor show.

4. Lotus-based supercar Hennessey just upped power on its Venom GT (the current speed record holder) to a staggering 1,451 horsepower; Hennessey says an even more potent model, the Venom F5, is coming soon.

3. Porsche comes out with the infamous New 918 Spyder.

2. Ferrari brings out their LaFerrari and Lamborghini comes out with Huracan.

1. McLaren brings out the new P1.