Good afternoon Kay,

Thank you again for taking care of the re-application of the cilajet
product. Jon McCain came out yesterday to do the application.  I am just blown away
by the knowledge he has about the product and application.  I had no idea
what to expect from the application and was happily surprised to find out
that he worked on my car as if it was his own.  One of the things he noticed
from the start is how well my car looks after 5 years.  Keep in mind that my
car never sees the inside of a garage and is exposed to the elements year
through.  I live in Charlotte, North Carolina so the sun beats up the paint
in the summer.

Jon meticulously cleaned my car with clay and polish then made sure all
impurities that could interfere with the application were removed with
alcohol and then applied the Cilajet.  Not only was it applied to the
painted surfaces but also to the chrome, plastic parts and wheel rims.

I am so thrilled about it because after 5 years my car looks like new again
or even better.  Cilajet leaves that ‘wet look’ that many car enthusiasts
prefer. Also the interior fabric was treated with Cilajet 5 years ago and
looks spotless (with two kids at that time, 7 and 9) that is quite

Cilajet is one of the best investments in my car especially because I keep
my cars for 10+ years.

Michel Thonissen
Charlotte, North Carolina

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