If you know someone who really loves their car and wants to prolong the beauty of their vehicle, Cilajet Care products make a great holiday gift!

Our specialized shampoo, gel-wax and quick shine spray far surpass store bought products in quality and protection; and our products can be applied to Cilajet-treated or non-treated vehicles.

Keep your Cilajet-treated or non-treated vehicle clean and shiny with Cilajet Care-Shampoo.  It’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly and easily dissolves and removes dirt, salt, and road grime without damaging the Cilajet finish or stripping wax from the surface.  It quickly rinses off and leaves a streak-free shine. Cilajet Car-Shampoo is concentrated so one bottle is good for 16 washes. That’s $1.00 per wash!  It has a light fresh scent, is non-hazardous, and 0% VOC.

Cilajet Care Quick Sine is the perfect answer for quick touch-ups or to safely remove environmental contaminants from the surface of your vehicle (i.e. dirt, bugs, bird droppings, hard water deposits, etc.)  Our Quick-Shine creates a slick, shiny finish that does not compromise the Cilajet sealant and aids in preventing contaminants from adhering to the surface. Use Quick-Shine in-between washes and it will help protect the finish for weeks. It can be used on paint, metal, chrome, glass or plastic. Cilajet Quick-Shine has a clean linen scent, is non-hazardous, and 0% VOC.

Our amazing non-abrasive Cilajet Gel-Wax is fortified with polymer resins and natural waxes to create the perfect finish.  Cilajet Gel-Wax’s unique formula helps protect the surface of your vehicle and maintain the mirror-like shine without stripping the Cilajet sealant.  It will not stain plastic or rubber trim, and is easily applied without needing to rub or buff it into the paint.  It helps keep your car looking showroom new and lasts for weeks.  Cilajet Gel-Wax is safe for the environment, and <10% VOC.

Make holiday shopping for your car-loving loved ones easy with the Cilajet Care Kit. It comes complete with the Car-Shampoo, Quick-Shine, Gel-Wax and two microfiber towels. It’s the perfect combination of Care products to protect your Cilajet-treated, or non-treated vehicles throughout the seasons; and for a limited time we’re offering  15% off the price of the kit. 

The Cilajet Care travel kit is a great stocking stuffer for your favorite car enthusiast. They can keep it in their trunk for quick cleaning of bird droppings, bugs, water spots and every day street grime when they’re on the go.

This season, surprise and delight your car-loving loved ones with a gift from the Cilajet Care product line. Cilajet Care products can be purchased at shop.cilajet.com.

Happy holidays from the Cilajet family to your family!