Hello Betty,

I wanted to make a couple of comments about my experience on trying to get Cilajet.

I have an Infiniti Q60 and I was in the market for a good sealant.   After hearing one of my co-workers brag about Cilajet, I started doing my research, found out that this is the stuff that you put on planes and comparing it with the competition it is a superior product based on many satisfied customers and car enthusiasts.

I immediately called my Dealer, but to my surprise they didn’t offer it.  Instead, they wanted to sell me another product, but I stayed in my ground and told them that I wanted the best sealant in the market for my car.

It was difficult to go to another car dealer where they can do the work even if you did not buy your car with them.  This is where the team of Cilajet (Betty and Nicole) came to my rescue and help me find a good place where they would take my car.  They suggested a couple of places near downtown close to my job.

VW motors took my car without any problems, offer me a shuttle to work, and four hours later my car looked amazing in the outside and inside.  I was speechless on how deep shining on my car looked.

Amazing work!!  Amazing Cilajet product!!! Amazing Team Cilajet!!

I am very grateful to Betty and Nicole for all your help and for your great customer skills.   You both must be a great asset to your Organization.


Solon E.