As 2015 rolls to an end, Cizzlers recap the best moments in Cilajet 2015 history.

10. The return of Gary Okla to the Cilajet family.

9. Sponsoring the Art of the Vine charity event in support of New Hope for Kids.

8. Sponsoring the Volkswagen Fastivus event.

7. Applying Cilajet to Helicopter Stunt Man Chuck Aaron’s Redbull helicopter and to Robert Shapiro’s (founder of Legalzoom) Bentley.

6. Seeing the Chuck Aaron Cilajet-treated helicopter perform daredevil stunts in Spectre, the new James Bond movie.

5. Cilajet’s Veteran’s Day Drawing and awarding two honorable veterans a free Cilajet treatment.

4. The launch of the Cilajet Care Line of products.

3. Adding Nano Spray and Wipe to Cilajet line of Care products

2. Seeing so many big smiles from happy Cilajet customers who love how their cars sparkle and shine!

1. Being the auto paint protection product of choice for tens of thousands of customers!