Thank you to Cilajet for selecting me to receive your fine product! I want to thank Guy Dittmar of St. Augustine for nominating me to receive this FREE application of Aviation Grade paint sealant from Cilajet as part of their effort to thank veterans for serving our country. I was fortunate to be one of two veterans selected!

The Cilajet paint sealant was professionally applied by Fields Cadillac of Jacksonville Detail Shop technician, Will Fogle.

As I was driving home from the dealership I was so excited looking at my shiny hood that I couldn’t wait till I got home and pulled over to get a few photos to post on Facebook and share with my friends!

I parked it in the garage last night and looked in on it a few times just to appreciate how shiny it was!
This morning when I parked at my office a crowd gathered to gaze at my shiny black Corvette!

This afternoon we had a typical Florida afternoon 5 minute deluge. When the rain finished I went outside to check on the car and it was covered in thousands of beads of water! It is obvious the Cilajet paint sealant is protecting my ‘Baby Grand’!
I am humbled and most appreciative to receive this treatment for my 2013 black Corvette Grand Sport!

Norb Logsdon
Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, retired