“We put Cilajet inside and out on our new 2020 Rav 4 Hybrid right away because we have had numerous friends and colleagues tell us how much they love the product and recommended it highly and our dealership did a wonderful job. The reason for the Cilajet is that I have Stage 4 Lung Cancer and Bone Cancer since 12/24/2014, I’m on clinical trials now since we exhausted the regular chemo, radiation and other trials. I just learned that because of the gene testing since I’m half Native American I’m missing a gene that would have blocked it and I never smoked but it’s environmental. Needless to say I wanted to get it cause I didn’t want my spouse to worry about protecting the car and easy for her to take care, even if something happens to me.

“Last week we were on the 5 freeway driving to appt and CalTrans here was working in the center of the freeway to expand to more lanes and this water and concrete mixture hit our car in the carpool lane and we were devastated and us rinsing it off wasn’t getting it off or hand car wash too so we took it the net day to (our Dealership and) they took care of if it and actually reapplied the Cilajet product and the car looks brand new again. ”

-Lisa U.



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