I recommend Cilajet as the best car paint sealant

After being a second generation purchaser of Cilajet Aviation Grade, I couldn’t be more happy!  My mother had Cilajet applied to her vehicle in 2010, and to this day it looks wonderful. I recently purchased a new Lexus and I wanted to do everything and anything to make sure it was protected. When I was introduced to Cilajet by the dealership, I did not hesitate! My car came back shiny as ever, and my red leather seats look so beautiful and conditioned! I couldn’t be more happy, and I recommend that anyone looking into protecting their car gets Cilajet! It’s a no brainer! I can’t wait to try their Care products as well.  I’ll be back! 

~ Mireya
Cilajet review: September 2018

I recommend Cilajet as the best car paint sealant

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