The day I picked up my Range Rover Sport (pre-owned) I was somewhat speechless, my wife had to nudge me as I was literally stunned when I saw the incredible reflective condition of the paint and the rims after the Cilajet application. My Rover is simply a show stopper!  The satin feel of the finish, the ease of rinsing off dirt and not having to worry about keeping it clean with much effort or concern is very appealing.  The paint looks and feels new along with the leather interior.  I find myself visiting the Rover in the driveway on frequent occasion and just staring.  And after a week I had the opportunity to use the Cilajet Quick Shine to touch up.  That incredible shine returned with ease, getting rid of water spots and light dirt deposits.  I am all in and hope that down the road through Florida summers, I am still staring at the Cilajet finish Range Rover in my driveway!

-Thomas B.

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