Cilajet Testimony 2018 - With Cilajet, It's not shiny, it's CRAZY SHINY!!!

Hello Cilajet Fans!

I took my wife’s 2013 Lexus to have the rear bumper reapplied with Cilajet Aviation Grade due to a little fender bender. While I was at Cilajet’s International headquarters, I asked about a Classic Car, and they agreed to apply Cilajet to my 1971 Nissan Fairlady Z which I’ve owned for 44 years. In the year 2000, I decided to restore the Z.  And, after a 10 year restoration, it was ready to show… a Concours quality restoration.  I painted the car “Bada Bling Silver” with about 6 coats of clear coat buffed to a very shiny gloss.  About a year ago, a Cilajet Master Technician came to my house to apply Cilajet to my Z.  I told him it’s pretty shiny now and didn’t know if Cilajet would make a difference. After about 4 hours it was time to roll it out in the sun.  I said OMG, it’s not shiny, it’s Crazy Shiny!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I told the Technician, I can’t wait to take it to a Classic Car Show and show off the new shine.  Since then I’ve taken the car to 3 shows, all FIRST PLACE WINS!  The latest was the San Marino Motor Classic where she took First Place in the Japanese Sports Car Class. I attribute the wins, in part, to the Cilajet finish on the Fairlady.  A big “Thank You” to the Cilajet Team!

~ Joe R.
Cilajet testimony: September 2018

Cilajet Testimony 2018 - With Cilajet, It's not shiny, it's CRAZY SHINY!!!

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