Cilajet Review - Cilajet exceeded my expectations!

I love it, especially in the sunlight!  The illumination flows over my new Mustang enhancing the shine.  With a white car, I am less worried about the finish turning yellow like my Mom’s white car.  Living in Southern California, it’s great to know Cilajet protects from the sun’s UV rays.  I am a student at the University of Southern California, and I just don’t have much time to care for my car. I am also looking forward to the cost savings of not waxing my car and washing it less often. At first, I was looking for car paint protection.  But now, my Mustang looks so fantastic, Cilajet exceeded my expectations!

~ Youyang H.
Cilajet Review: October 2018

Cilajet Review - Cilajet exceeded my expectations!


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