There is no better product out there than Cilajet car paint protection!

When it comes to vehicle paint protection, there is no better product out there than Cilajet car paint protection!  I have been a Cilajet customer for over five years now, and have been consistently impressed with not only the product–which is awesome–but even more so with the high level of customer service I have received.  As an active duty military member serving overseas, things often taken for granted in the U.S. can become very difficult to accomplish.  I recently reached my Cilajet reapplication milestone, but no Cilajet authorized retailers exist overseas where I am stationed.  I worried I would not be able to have the reapplication completed and subsequently forfeit my Cilajet warranty.  I contacted Cilajet for assistance hoping there was something they could do for me.  After much coordination and accommodation by Cilajet, Ms. Kay Finer (Customer Service extraordinaire) arranged for me to have a special appointment by an authorized Cilajet representative who traveled to my location and performed the reapplication, preserving my warranty and paint protection!  I was blown away by the degree of customer service I received from Ms. Finer, and the follow-up she provided.  Thank you Ms. Finer and Cilajet; I will certainly be a lifetime Cilajet customer secure in knowing I am always protected!  My BMW is five years old but still looks brand new thanks to Cilajet!

— Jason E.


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