Our 2018 Winnebago body being of true fiberglass construction with gelcoat finish vice ‘auto paint’, I was happy to pay for the nano-ceramic treatment offered by the dealer for future protection and easy cleaning. I have seen the product, originally developed for the aviation industry (Seal-A-Jet = Cilajet), applied to standard auto paint finishes to great affect as well. For our purposes, the need to seal the porous outer finish was paramount. After a lifetime of boat ownership I knew how dull and faded gelcoat finishes could become after only a couple of years in the harsh environment, so the choice to “seal” the coach body was an easy one.


Now to this Cilajet Shampoo product specifically. It takes only a single ounce of product, which mixes with a gallon of water hooked up to a lawn hose and sprayer, to thoroughly clean our 32′ 3″ coach from roof to skirt which translates to 128 “thorough and amazing” cleanings per bottle!! After our cross country trek from San Diego to Maine and back, during which time I had only kept the body clean and bug/spot/dirt resistant with their ‘Quick Shine’ product, we had our first RV cleaning/detailing done by a San Diego crew that on my request used this shampoo for the washing step. The fellow that did the roof (using a power sprayer as mandated by most RV parks) was “amazed at how easily all of the years’ ‘crud’ just lifted off effortlessly” and the entire coach (with the single ounce of product) was gleaming when they finished. Whether you are cleaning a coach that has had the Cilajet ceramic treatment, or a car/van/truck that you have first applied the Cilajet waxing product to – this Cilajet System (ceramic treatment or wax, periodic ‘quick shine’ applications, and deep cleaning/detailing with shampoo) is the very best I’ve seen or used for maintaining a great finish on any vehicle, vessel, or airplane with minimal effort. In my opinion you would be doing yourself a big favor by converting from whatever conventional method you might be using to Cilajet products and a good sized stack of micro fiber cloths.

By A. Skipper on Jul 14, 2019 

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